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    News Revised Boundaries for Port of Keelung Soon to be Announced 2019-03-12~ 2020-03-12
    News Port of Keelung Passenger Numbers Top 1 Million in 2018, Set New All-Time Record 2019-01-11~ 2020-01-11
    News New Shipbuilding Facility to Break Ground Soon at Suao Port 2018-11-13~ 2019-11-13
    News Port of Keelung Upgrades Facilities to Ensure Safety of Shoreline Fishing Enthusiasts 2018-09-20~ 2019-09-20
    News Work on North Wharf Nos. 1 and 2 and the New Passenger Boarding Corridor Approaches Completion. Set to Significantly Reduce Wait Times for Arriving / Departing Passengers 2018-08-14~ 2019-08-14
    News Taipei Port Opens Limited Area to Public Surf Fishing, Expanding Opportunities for Water Leisure and Recreation 2018-06-05~ 2019-06-05
    News TIPC to Recruit 203 New Employees, with Starting Salaries of NT$32k for Regular and NT$46k for Technical Staff 2018-05-04~ 2019-05-04
    News Cruise Travel Full Steam Ahead; Keelung, Kaohsiung Homeport Operations Drive Momentum 2018-03-09~ 2019-04-09
    News Improvements to the Keelung Harbor Building to Enhance Service Quality, Improve Port Image 2018-01-02~ 2019-02-02
    News Taipei Port-Pingtan Ferry Route: An Attractive New Choice for Travel Across the Taiwan Strait 2018-01-02~ 2019-02-01
    News Port of Keelung’s East Harbor Building Processes First Commercial Advertising Application 2017-11-21~ 2018-12-20
    News Reconstruction of Submerged Breakwater and Installation of Tetrapods to Ensure Safety of Tofu Bay Waters Near Suao Port 2017-10-13~ 2018-11-12
    News Port of Keelung to Open 100-lot Parking Facility near the North Entrance of Keelung Train Station 2017-08-15~ 2018-09-17
    News The Port of Keelung Warmly Embraces Cruise Travel Future, Takes Sage Advice from Top Industry Expert 2017-07-11~ 2018-08-10
    News Port-City Cooperation in the Spotlight at April Opening of Gangxi Access Road 2017-04-11~ 2018-05-11
    News Taiwan’s Bright Future in Regional Cruise Tourism 2015-05-10~ 2015-05-30
    News Port of Keelung Operational Statistics in November, 2014 2014-12-11~ 2015-12-01