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Public Bid for Lease of Operating Facilities at Port of Keelung’s Newly Opened Xinxi No. 7 Warehouse Facility Set to be Announced This Month
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    2020-06-12 ~ 2021-06-12
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As part of ongoing effort to better address evolving cargo-handling requirements, the Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC)’s Port of Keelung subsidiary completed a major renovation of the Xinxi No. 7 Multipurpose Warehouse facility in April at a total cost of NT$240 million. Current plans call for the port to announce this month (June) a public invitation to bid for the long-term lease of operating facilities on the building’s third floor. Interested companies are encouraged to contact the Port of Keelung’s FTZ business hotline (02-2420-6283~85/6575~77) or warehouse bid-information hotline (02-2420-6583/6429) for questions and additional information.

The Xinxi No. 7 warehouse building offers a total 14,925m2 in total floorspace, including 3,332m2 in office / administrative space and 11,593m2 in storage space. After subtracting the space occupied by the elevator shafts and the approximately 7,458m2 of floorspace reserved for port / public use, the space currently available for lease on floors 1, 3, and 4 include:  413m2 of warehouse space on the 1st floor, 4,534m2 of operating facility space on the 3rd floor, and 1,521m2 of office space on the 3rd and 4th floors available for commercial lease. The facility is serviced by two 8-ton capacity cargo elevators ([w]2.4m x [d]4.25m x [h]2.5m). The operating facility space features high (6.6m) ceilings and floors rated at 1.5mt/m2 UDL, is suited for warehousing, logistics, and simple processing activities (with factory registration). Processing activities that meet the definition of ‘substantial transformation’ such as >35% value-added content or producing product with a different 6-digit tariff number prefix than its raw material constituent(s) in accordance with Regulations Governing Issuance of Certificates of Origin and Certificates of Processing may apply for Made in Taiwan (MIT) country-of-origin certification.

As demand for commercial land rises in response to many Taiwanese companies relocating their operations back to Taiwan, Xinxi No. 7 is an attractive relocation option. Apart from its proximity to northern Taiwan centers of government, finance, retail activity, and manufacturing, the warehouse is conveniently plugged in to major regional and global shipping lanes and is a part of Keelung Port’s Free Trade Zone, offering numerous waivers on duties, domestic taxes, and port service fees. During an inspection visit to the Xinxi No. 7 warehouse facility on December 18th, 2019, Keelung City Mayor Yu-chang Lin remarked that he was extremely impressed by what he saw. The building, he noted, was built to the latest standards and was set up to handle a wide range of goods. In designating 4,534 square meters on the third floor as operating space, Mayor Lin said he recognized the facility’s potential for generating significant new job and economic opportunities for his city and fueling Keelung City’s modern transformation into an exceptional international commercial port.

Provided by:Port Business Dept., Port of Keelung, TIPC
Contact Person1:Pei-yi Lin, Manager
Telephone No.:02-24206283
E-mail Address:brooke@twport.com.tw

Contact Person2:Fu-chuan Chen, Manager
Telephone No.:02-24206583
E-mail Address:chen06@twport.com.tw

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