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Port of Keelung Steps up Disinfection Measures to Maintain Border Quarantine Safety
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    2021-07-30 ~ 2022-07-30
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In response to the Central Epidemic Command Center raising the national COVID-19 pandemic alert level to level 3, Port of Keelung, TIPC has implemented since May 19th of this year a comprehensive cleaning and disinfection program covering all office and passenger terminal areas at the port. In addition to implementing appropriate, regular pandemic prevention measures in all port work areas, port officials have at least doubled the number of environmental sanitation staff to ensure related measures are fully implemented.

Port of Keelung is working diligently to ensure the safety of inbound and outbound passengers. During cruise ship calls, all passenger facilities and areas, including restrooms, service counters, tables, and chairs, are fully disinfected with a 0.1% bleach solution at least four times daily. Moreover, facilities in and around passenger terminals with which passengers regularly come into contact such as railings and door handles receive a disinfecting wipe down at least twice every hour. Also, since early July, smart' quarantine safety' doors have been installed in passenger terminals that automatically read passengers' body temperatures, confirm mask wearing, release a disinfecting spray, provide an alcohol hand cleanse, and purify the air using a photohydrogen air purification system. Furthermore, a safe chlorine dioxide solution is regularly used to fully disinfect office and administrative areas in the port to help promote a safe working environment during the pandemic.

Continuing to promote shipping business growth despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Port of Keelung, beyond encouraging companies to submit all possible applications online, regularly supplies 75% alcohol sanitizer to port public service counters to ensure the safety of business requiring in-person, counter communications.

Automated alcohol sanitizer spray facilities, disinfectant mats, and body-temperature monitors are installed at all Port of Keelung administrative entrances and exits. Also, health and sanitation controls have been stepped up for drinking fountains, door handles, and other frequently used public facilities to close potential gaps in environmental safety. Finally, considering the many people from all walks of life and various countries that pass through the port, Port of Keelung disinfects all port public areas on a weekly basis to further minimize the threat of virus spread. Port of Keelung takes seriously its role as a key gateway to Taiwan and will continue to prevent COVID-19 from gaining any foothold within the port's jurisdiction and to protect the health and safety of all.

Provided by:Occupational Safety & Health Dept., Port of Keelung, TIPC
Contact Person: Quest Yeh, Manager
Telephone No.:02-24206355
E-mail Address:quest@mail.twport.tw


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