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We aggressively undertake 4 different lines of Greening the Port Initiative covering Tourism, Shipping, Port Environment and City/Community Development.
  1. Green Cruise
  2. Low Impact Facility
Port Terminal
  1. Green Building
  2. Green Operation and Maintenance
Vessel/harbor Craft
  1. Air quality improvement with the control of speed limits, decline of Sulfur fuel limits and the usage of alternative maritime power
  2. Reduction of solid waste
  3. Control of wastewater
  1. Power-saving and eco-friendly machinery/equipment
  2. Closed stevedoring warehouses
  3. OCR/RFID improving gate control and reduce the waiting line
Port Environment
Environmental quality
  1. Air and water quality improvements
  2. Green coverage enhancement
Sustainable operation
  1. Electronic documentation/on-line service
  2. Eco-friendly working environment establishment
City/Community Development
Sea/land interface
  1. Waterfront recreation
  2. Greenbelt
Local development plan
City/Port interface greening projects
Last updated:2019-06-28
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