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Taiwan International Ports Corporation Ltd.
TIPC-Keelung Terminal

~We deliver Reliability in Keelung~
1.We manage and operate 7 out of the total 15 container terminals in Keelung Port.
2.We own the most equipment pool (9 gantry cranes).
3.We own the largest container yard (182,8715M2).
4.We minimize vessel waiting time and promise berthing priority.
5.We offer one-stop service as on-demand.
6.On top of various preferential schemes, we are also the only one to provide pricing incentive on service productivity.
1.Basic Data
Scope of Terminals
Our terminal complex covers two areas, the Southern and Northern Terminal respectively.
(1) Southern Terminal: Berth W17-W18.
(2) Northern Terminal: Berth W22-W26.
Scope of Service
We provide round-the-clock and tailor-made service for each individual customer. The scope of our customized service includes but not limited to the following:
(1) Import-export of MY containers; international and domestic transshipment containers; loading, discharging, storage, and transfer of empty containers;
(2) Consolidation, storage, and transfer of MCC containers (cargos).
(3) Inspection of import-export CY containers.
(4) Loading, discharging, storage, and transfer of special containers.
(5) Un-stuffing of import CY containers.
(6) Storage, power supply, and temperature check-up of reefer containers.
(7) Loading, discharging, storage, and transfer of transshipment containers containing low degree dangerous cargo.
(8) Intra terminal trailer service.
(9) Container tally, lashing and unlashing service.

1.1.Container Yards (182,8715m2)
The Southern Terminal comprises of Berth W17-W18, with a storage space of 30,246m2 or stacking up to 1,912TEUs in three layers. The Northern Terminal comprises of Berths W22-W26, with a storage space of 43,727m2 or stacking up to 6,095TEUs in three layers (as shown in Table 1).
Table 1 Storage Layout of TIPC-Keelung Terminal
Yard Storage Space (m2) Stacking Capacity
TEU (3 layers)
Stacking Capacity
TEU (5 layers)
Southern  Terminal 30,246 2,337 Straddle Carrier
Northern Terminal 43,727 2,020 4,075 Straddle Carrier
Rail Mounted Gantry Crane
Total 73,973 4,357 4,075  
N.B.: 78 reefer plugs (440VAC) are now available which can be increased to 120 if needed.
1.2.Loading and Discharging Facilities
1.Gantry crane: 9
2.Straddle carrier: 9
3.60 MT electronic weighbridge: 4

Table 2 Keelung Port Gantry Crane Datasheet
Wharf Crane No. Capacity
Operation Width
W22 BC-222 55 18
BC-223 55 18
W23 BC-237 55 18
W25 BC-253 50 16
W26 BC-262 50 16
W17 BC-182 40 13
W18 BC-183 50 16
BC-236 50 16
BC-235 50 16
1.3.Condition of Terminals
1.3.1.Berth W17-W18
With a total length of 526M and water depth alongside of -12M to -13M, these berths are aligned on the same normal line for accommodating the 1,000 - 5,000TEU container ships.
1.3.2.Berth W22-W26
(1) With a total length of 400M, Berth 22 and 23 are currently under deepening and strengthening modification. Water depth alongside of -15.0M is sufficient to accommodate the 8,000TEU container ships.
(2) With a total length of 240M and water depth alongside of -13M, Berth W24 is suitable for accommodating the 1,500TEU container ships.
(3) With a total length of 540M, Berths W25 and W26 are aligned on the same normal line for accommodating the 2,000-3,000TEU container ships, or 4,000TEU container ships with draught within 13M after loading.
Wharf W17 W18 W22 W23 W24 W25 W26
Length (M) 207 403.95 190 210 240 300 210
Depth (M) -12 -13 -15 -15 -13 -13 -11

2.Wharf Deepening and Strengthening Project
To meet the global trend of mega ship era and its cascading effect, we invest for a modernized Keelung Port. The deepening and strengthening modification of Berth W22 and W23 is completed underway which offer a depth alongside of -15.0M for accommodating the 8,000TEU container vessels. Three brand new 18 row gantry cranes which add height and outreach plus four brand new rail mounted gantry cranes will soon be introduced. Handling capacity will hence be increased to 4,075TEU in five layers.
3.Multi-national Cargo Consolidation(MCC)
For vessel operators and freight forwarders engaging MCC in Keelung, we provide logistics facilities needed for unloading, delivering, stuffing and un-stuffing. We will soon build a common warehouse in the port area. Hence customers no longer need to spend extra haulage and labor cost to/from hinterland depots. Stuffing and un-stuffing containers on-dock will be the new norm. With improved infrastructure and customized supply chain solution, we foresee MCC handling in Keelung Port will be lifted to another level.

4.Customer-Focus Quality Service
4.1.Container Ship Preferential Tariff Agreement
We’ve been negotiating Container Ship Preferential Tariff Agreement with various shipping lines since 1999. The guideline of such time-volume contract is “the more the volume, the lower the tariff”. Same guideline also applies to the following:
4.1.1.Full containers and reefer containers (import and export)
We provide customs clearance. And every agreement will be customized.
4.1.2.Discount for international transshipment and domestic transshipment (Blue Way) containers.
Loading and discharging of above can both apply preferential tariff.
4.1.3.Transshipment containers of phase-in and phase-out vessel
We provide seamless service and preferential tariff for the above.
4.1.4.Berthing priority
Contracted customers are always privileged with “berthing priority”.
4.1.5.One-stop operation
Various services like trailer, tally, lashing/unlashing and stevedoring are provided on an on-demand basis.
4.2.Pricing Incentive for Better Productivity
For the purpose of maximizing productivity, minimizing port stays and optimizing vessel operating cost, further pricing incentive will be introduced to all vessels/voyages with 2+ gantry cranes deployed, 250+ boxes handled and meeting the productivity per hour requirement as published.
4.3.Customized EDI Transfer Service
To meet the needs of individual customer, we have improved information sharing through better use of EDI transfer of CODECO/COARRI and real-time update on container status.
4.4.Incentives for New Services
For new services, preferential tariff and incentive scheme will be awarded for corresponding number of calls, intra-terminal short haul, as well as stevedoring service.
4.5.Joint Marketing of TIPC Keelung and Kaohsiung Terminal
To optimize the synergy of our in-house terminal in both Keelung and Kaohsiung, exclusive pricing incentive will be awarded to any new service calling both.
Taiwan International Ports Corporation Ltd. Keelung Port
One call for quality service with “professional docking facilities” and “sincere team”
Address: No. 24, Zhongshan 4th Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Keelung City 203, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Phone: +886-2-24206448/24206451
Fax: +886-2-24256657
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