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Stevedoring & warehousing service scope
Business department Contact section Contact Responsible for business
Services Commissioner Duty manager +886-2-2420-6451 Integrated business.
Stevedoring & Warehousing business Handling sponsored of staff +886-2-2420-6451~2 Loading/unloading operation, working statement data, handling equipment deployed and other services.
Import/Export CY business CY chief +886-2-2420-6360 Import/Export CY business services.
Gate control business Gate control sponsored of staff  +886-2-2420-6460 Marshalling Yard container, transshipment container, transit container and refrigerated container for storage management business.
Handling equipment maintenance and repair Maintenance supervisor +886-2-2420-6456~7 Handling equipment maintenance business service.
Straddle carrier to deploy Foreman +886-2-2420-6362 Straddle carriers business.
Last updated:2021-07-05
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