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Su-ao Port is situated at and dominates the Su-ao Bay in Lanyang Plain, northeast of Taiwan. A fine natural port in terms of terrain conditions, it is 50 NM away from Keelung Port in the north and 40 NM from Hualien Port in the south, and can be reached by Taiwan's North Link Railway, which links Taipei and Hualien. There are also Tai No. 9 Highway and the Coastal Highway to connect to Taipei and Keelung, reaching out in all directions. To access the Port zone, there are Special No. 1 Highway of Su-ao Township and Lanyang No. 2 Tunnel, which facilitates the transportation of cargoes, and provides shipping companies and cargo owner with fast and convenient service. Su-ao Port makes an excellent auxiliary port to Keelung Port, and enhance prosperity in Lanyang area.

The water territory of Su-ao Port covers an area of 2.9 million sq. m., and its area on land stretches for 860 thousand sq. m. Thirteen wharves, in total length of 2,610 m, are disposed in the Port, including one for service vessels, and twelve commercial wharves (which include six for sundries goods, one for coal, one for petroleum, two for cement and two for chemicals). These wharves have water depth ranging from –7.5 to –15 m, and have lengths varying from 125 to 300 m, where vessel of Panamax size can call at. Import cargoes of Su-ao Port are mainly of coal, fuel, Paraxylene, slag, steel billets, etc., while export cargoes are chiefly cement, pure paraxylene acid and sotassium Sulfate. Operation-wise, delivery on board prevails. With various services expanding regularly, the Port has developed toward an international commercial port.

In addition to four tugs, one lashing rope, one patrol boat and one cleaner ship, provide good working facilities to the Port. A port management information system is also set up. Also to wharf and transit shed operations, which have been opened, to three private operators running since January 1999, the loading/unloading operations of general sundries and bulk cargo. Since the Taipei-Yilan Freeway is completed, the hinterland of Su-ao Port will be expanded to encompass the Taipei metropolis, Thus, it will attract more industries to Yilan area. Along with the firms coming to Yilan Science Park and Lize and Long-der industrial zones to set up plants, the function of Port will further be exerted to create a remarkable future for Su-ao Port.



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