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A brief list of service lines of Su Ao Port Bureau: 
Office hours for administrative units are Monday through Friday: 8:00 – 12:00 A.M. and 1:00 – 5:00 P.M. (Saturdays and Sundays are regular days off; on national holidays, the Bureau rests according to regulation)

Complaint number dedicated to service for the people and simplified
convenient administration:+886-3-9972004
Complaint fax: +886-3-9952739
Number dedicated to service for the people:+886-3-9965121#211  

Port service number:
Berthing unit:+886-3-9965121#252
Business unit:+886-3-9965121#251
Piloting unit:+886-3-9965121#253  

Vessel administration service number:
Supervision unit:+886-3-9965121#250
Maritime affairs unit:+886-3-9965121#254
Technical unit:+886-3-9965121#255  

Service numbers for operation charge of Su Ao Port Bureau:
+886-3- 9965121# 167 、 269 、 270 、 271 。  

Service numbers for wharf and transit shed business of Su Ao Port Bureau:
Warehousing section:+886-3-9965121#300、301
Warehouse 1 zone: +886-3-9965121#306、307  

Service numbers for signal tower of Su Ao Port Bureau:
+886-3- 9972009  

Address for the Administration Building of Su Ao Port Bureau:
3Fl, No. 1, Port Zone, Su Ao Township 270, Taiwan(R.O.C)  

On urgent cases, please call outside office hours:
Duty office number:+886-3-9965121~9965122
Fax number: +886-3-9952739(Open for 24 hours)  
Last updated:2020-03-30
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