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Director's Appointment with the People
1.    This campaign is implemented according to the “Guidelines for implementing Appointment with the People by all agency directors under this
Yuan”promulgated by the Executive Yuan on Oct. 26, 2000,the Nov. 17, 2000 “Program for Appointment  with    the People by all agency directors under this Ministry” by the Ministry of  Transportation and Communications, and the Dec. 7, 2000 “Plan for Executing Appointment  with the People by  directors of this Bureau”by the Keelung Port Bureau.

2.    The Su Ao Port Bureau of the Keelung Port Bureau (hereinafter referred to as “the Bureau”) sets out this executive plan and implements it with a view to display the efficacies of the services that are people friendly and convenient, to construct a  mechanism for communicating directly, with people face-to-face and to discover problems in an active manner.

3.    The Bureau will conduct the campaign of “Director’s Appointment with the People”as follows:
(1)    Time: To be held in the morning on the last Friday in every February, April, June, August, October and  December,where in case of holiday, the
time will be changed. Each campaign will last for one to three hours.
(2)    Venue: Briefing room, on the 4th floor of the Bureau, or other place as arranged according to actual need.
(3)    Application: Application: Advance application is required for a predefined number of applicants (each person is limited to once only,as a principle); among applications of similar content, only one will be  allowed as a  principle. However, there is no limit to the number, or otherwise there is a preserved number, of applications  by those with Disabled booklet, households of low income, and aborigines.
(4)    Receiving application: Receiving application: Making appointment can be made by either telephone, in written,fax,e-mail or on the Internet. Applicants are advised to also propose their questions, which in case is  not within the Bureau or the Keelung Port Bureau’s authority, will be advised to be turned to the  specific  agency with relevant authority. Applications in below cases as pertained to the Administrative Procedure Act, Article 173, however, will not be answered: 
a.    there are no concrete contents, or no real name or address has been provided; 
b.    one single matter is being brought to attention repeatedly after having been specifically answered; 
c.    other agencies unconcerned of the content of appeal have received the same matter from the  applicant. 
(5)    Notification of the appointment: Notification of the appointment: A minimal three-day advance notice of  time of appointment, line-up number, venue (route to the venue and address with a brief map), responsible  unit, person to contact,  telephone number, etc. will be given.
(6)    Preparation for appointment: Preparation for appointment: On receiving the application, the Bureau shall notify, immediately, relevant unit in the Bureau of the matter being appealed, to enable such unit to  understand the matter and to    provide information. Relevant units are also requested to attend, in order to  assist in answering to the questions.
(7)    Treatment after the appointment: The treatment according to the direction given as to a case shall be  replied to the applicant within certain time.

4.    On cases that have been acknowledged in this campaign, the responsible unit should spend no more than  ten days dealing with it; in the event that such period is impossible to finish, the unit may request, in written, for extension, and should inform, in  written, the appealer as well as the Administrative office, of the reason  for such extension.

5.    Any complementary regulations may be added to this campaign.
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