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The Building of Office of Su-ao Port
In July 1965, to respond to the demand of local economic development, the central government decided to construct “Su Ao Port” into a small-scale commercial Port. The reconstruction was completed in June 1973, with three shallow-water wharves built to accommodate vessels under 3000 ton. At the same time, the “Office of Su Ao Port” was instituted; it is managed under “Keelung Port Bureau”.

On May 21, 1970, the Executive Yuan officially approved “Su Ao Port” as the auxiliary Port of “Keelung Port”, and re-instituted it as the “Su Ao Port Bureau Branch Office”.

On May 26, 1973, the then Premier, Chiang Ching-Kuo, when inspecting this Port, instructed the enlargement of it to and international Port and the establishment of “Construction office for Su Ao Port” to undertake the construction of enlargement. On July 1, 1974, such construction began to move mountains and fill into sea; the painstaking task went on till the completion in June 1983 with 800 thousand square meter of land reclaimed.

The enlargement of “Su Ao Port” took a total of nine years to complete at the cost of NT$7.98 billion, and finally built it to be an international Port of top quality, which is capable of both relieving the congestion at “Keelung Port” and helping economic development in Lan-yang area.
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