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Su-ao Cold Spring
Su Ao Cold Spring
In every high season, no visitor to Su Ao would leave without trying the feel of its cold spring. Unlike other hot springs, Su Ao Cold Spring is one that is located at where there are both abundant groundwater and substantial Calcium hydroxide layer; and the feature of “low temperature mineral spring” at 22 degree Celsius adds up to the reputation of Su Ao Cold Spring as number one cold spring in Taiwan. The spring has two separate baths, one within the scenic zone, and the other by the Alishi Bridge. Friends, when you are in Su Ao for the Port view, why not come try the Cold Spring!
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Su-ao Port Su-ao Port
Su Ao for Port is situated not far from the exit of Lanyang Tunnel in Yilan County. It is deemed as the enhancer of Lanyang Plain becoming wealthier since it was included in the Ten Major Construction Projects in 1974. In geomorphology, the shore of Su Ao Port is mostly rock; because of the dangerous terrain, it take to overlook at the landscape of Su Ao Port, whose long capes in both the south and the north can be seen, from the Su-Hua Highway or Paotaishan, guarding it like the two divine sentinels at a temple, or its scene in the wide background with the “Turtle in sea” to the north and the stretching Lanyang Plain in the near. This will help one realize the significance of Su Ao Port in Lanyang Plain and on eastern Taiwan coast.
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Baimi Clogs Museum
Baimi Clogs Museum

The museum is presently located on the second floor of Baimi Community Development Association on Yong-chun Road, Su Ao Township; it exhibits various featured clogs handcrafted by people here in Baimi, including works that has been given Taiwan handicraft awards. Visitors are welcomed here.
Baimi Community Clogs Museum

Tel: (03) 995-2653 
‧Address: 126, Yong-chun Rd., Su Ao Township, Yilan County 
‧Opens: Every day except Monday
‧Open hours: 9:00 to 17:00 (for visitors in group, reservation is required )
‧Admission: Free to enter; a small fee requested for guiding and DIY experience
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Nanfang Ao Nanfang Ao
Nanfang Ao, the biggest land-tied island in Taiwan, connects to Su Ao Port naturally. Kuroshio flows through the offshore of Nanfang Ao bringing along rich migratory fish stocks and makes a fish ground there. Fishermen from every place develop the culture of a fishing village here. The cross-Port bridge, once called “Tuo Bridge”, was inaugurated in 1998 and became a new landmark.
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Nantian Gong  of Nanfang Ao Nantian Gong of Nanfang Ao
By the Pacific Ocean, Nanfang Ao is a superb natural fish Port. Its residents are mostly fishermen. In 1946, in gratitude, they remembered Mazu who had appeared to rescue; in the last month of 1950, they raised fund to build Nantian Gong Mazu Temple. In 1952, the main hall was finished; on Nov. 18, 1956, the temple that is in the model of southern palace was completed and became the center of local people’s belief and life. In 1990, over twenty crafted masters were commissioned to forge a world’s largest golden idol of Mazu (of pure gold weighing 200 kilos). At midnight hour on September 10, 1995, it was enshrined and attracted massive people to make pilgrimages. The temple has many worshipers; on its second floor there is jade idol of Mazu that was enshrined in 2000, which worth checking out and pay pilgrimage. If you wish to enjoy a good meal of fresh sea foods, you would like to go to the Port side that is studded with a lot of sea food restaurants, especially what they serve are fresh catch just unload from the boats. And if you like to take some home, you may shop at the local fish market; and while you do, get a feel of the local custom and life.
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