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Prospect for Su-ao Port
Wharf and transit shed services


Developing Su-ao as a multi-purpose port:


  Being one of the international ports in Taiwan , Su-ao Port is becoming, over years, a pivotal point of transportation of international goods in northern Taiwan , and helps the plain of Lanyang in development and advance, which makes it worth the title of “a bright jewel on Lanyang Plain”.
  The merchandises shipped in and out through Su-ao Port are primarily from the area of Yilan. To strengthen the function of maritime transportation of Su-ao Port and increase its handling volume, the priority is to improve the environment for investment in Yilan area and bring in industries, so as to amplify, radically, the sources of imported and exported goods at Su-ao Port. 
From the features of Su-ao Port's development, it can be seen that though its wharf capacity has not been put to full use, it has achieved the following:
  1. Su-ao Port is the critical base on which Taiwan maneuvers its petroleum from the south to the north, and its cement from the east to the west. The Port undertakes the export of the cement produced in Su-ao's neighboring areas to the west, and satisfies the demand of Yilan area for importing petroleum.
  2. Su-ao Port is the main port exporting and importing bulk cargo in Yilan area.
  3. Going in line with the development of Lanyang area, providing passages for goods in both ways, and effectively spearheading regional economic development.
  With the above stated analysis, and based on a differentiation in distances of both domestic and overseas sources of goods, the future development of Su-ao Port is positioned as the following:
  1. To cater for the demand for maritime transportation of cement and petroleum around the island of Taiwan .
  2. To assist the Keelung in maritime transportation by undertaking the volume of bulk cargo when Taipei-Yilan Freeway is completed and industries are drawn to settle in Yilan area. As such, the Su-ao Port will satisfy the need of Northeastern Taiwan for importing bulk cargo and sundries, and effectively enhance its functions.
  3. In long term, in consideration of cross-strait transportation policy, as the possible cross-strait transportation in the future will be in favor of Su-ao Port Bureau which handles chiefly bulk cargo and sundries, it is an option that simple processing zones in which customs clearance and importation do not take place are planned, with a view to catch the opportunity of direct transportation of goods cross the strait.
Wharf and transit shed services


To be more competitive as a port


  Being an auxiliary port to Keelung Port , Su-ao Port should be able to better fulfill this function by undertaking the transition of bulk cargo and sundries from Keelung port after the completion of Taipei-Yilan Freeway which will better facilitate the Port's connection with Taipei metropolitan area.
  With the world trade developing, the economic activities have become more international and more globalized. In such tendency, the port operation should be more comprehensive in functionality: for example, needing to be able to provide highly reliable storage and transshipment for cargo, and doing that safely, without damages, and fast as well as offering at low costs. Besides, to qualify for a modern port functionally, it requires other advantages like good natural conditions, short line-up time outside the port, good designation system of piers, spacious warehouse and yard, high efficiency of loading and unloading, good manners of the ports' service personnel, convenient and time-saving customs clearing, vicinity of the port zone to its hinterland, and low cost of inland transportation for goods.
  The Port is currently actively engaged in reengineering to normalize the operation and the management system, to apply the governmental authority to help and supervise the industry's operation of the port. We also educate marketing and planning persons to perfect the management of the port, computerize the port's overall operation, build an information network for the same, and escalate the EDI operation to set up the support system for the port's decision. In addition, we will privatize the port's loading and unloading operation, upgrade the techniques and lower the costs, and improve on service quality as well as putting more efforts in marketing and promotion to enhance the administrative efficiency.
Wharf and transit shed services


  1. Continuing to control the personnel expenses; reducing the same by not filling vacancies.
  2. Speeding up the construction of information system, and enhancing the setup of port computer system; continuing expanding hardware and putting the system online, and providing the Port's network system for shipping companies and goods owners to query on various information online, to enhance the service quality.
  3. Establishing a joint warehouse operation center, simplifying the operational process and cutting back operation time, to increase the administrative efficiency as well as the shipping companies and goods owners' satisfaction, also to strengthen our own competitive edge.
  4. Actively nurturing senior managerial, planning and cost controlling specialists to strengthen the Port's structure.
  5. Enhancing the training for related affairs, and establishing the service team with corporate spirit.
  6. Establishing an S.O.P., improving work efficiency and simplifying processes to enhance the competitive ability.
Wharf and transit shed services


Operation and vision:


The Bureau motivates all its members to participate, dedicate themselves and sustained quality improvement, with a view to establish a highest quality standard and sense of value recognized by all, by which the Port will offer the best services with high operational efficiency and meet customers' satisfaction. Sound plan, enjoying work, perfecting the techniques, pursue of excellence, earning reputation, generating profits and aiming at performance: these are the spirits the Port adheres to, to be aggressive, professional, valued as well as innovative in order to gain trust from the shipping companies and owner of goods. For us, such is not only an honor but also a duty.
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