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History of Taipei Port
1. The Port of Tamsui launched Program of Construction Phase I in 1993, and it was completed at the end of year 1998.
2. In 1995, the Government propelled the sub-plan Maritime center of the program Asia-Pacific Regional Operations Center, APROC, and agreed to orient the development of Tamsui Port as a strong backup for Keelung International Port.(In 2004, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications officially announced and designated Tamsui Port as the auxiliary port of Keelung Port.)
3. In 1999, the Executive Yuan approved and implemented Overall Planning of Tamsui Port and Programs for Future Development, as well as the first five- year program of Construction Phase II (1996-2001), and confirmed to rename Tamsui Port as Taipei Port.
4. In 2002, the second five-year program (2002-2006) of Construction Phase II for Taipei Port was approved by the Executive Yuan and was put into implementation.
5. After the overall discussion and amendment, the third five-year program (2007-2011) of Construction Phase II continued as planned, and is scheduled for completion by 2011.
6. Program of Construction Phase III (2012-2021) for Taipei Port and the Long- term Development Programs(after the year 2022) will be fully discussed and promoted depending on the needs for future maritime development and the willingness of the investment from private sectors.
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History of Organization
1. Keelung Harbor Bureau established Tamshui Office in Tamshui area in 1947 for the purpose of navigation requirement.
2. In 1997, Tamshui Office was moved to Taipei Port, Bali Township.
3. In 1998, Tamshui Office was expanded and upgraded as the Port of Tamshui.
4. In 1999, in line with the abolition of the province, the Port of Tamshui was rernamed as Taipei Branch Port of Keelung harbor bureau, Ministry of Transportation Communications.
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