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1.Operational Wharves: Up to the now, there are 20 operational wharves, including  wharves E01,02,03,04,05,06,07,11,12,13,14,15,16, 17;and wharves N02,N03,N04,N05,N06; The length of  the wharves and the Designed Water Depth:


Wharf Length (m)

Designed Water Depth(m)


E1 163 -9 General Cargo Wharf
E2 170 -9 General Cargo Wharf
E3 227 -11 Oil / General Cargo wharf
E4 150 -13 Oil /General Cargo Wharf
E5 150 -9 ~ -13 Oil/ General Cargo Wharf
E6 157 -6.5 ~ -9 General Cargo Wharf
E7 250 -6.5 Bulk Cargo
E10 200 -6.5~-14.5 General Cargo Wharf
E11 245 -14.5 General Cargo Wharf
E12 245 -14.5~-12.0 General Cargo Wharf
E13 200 -12 ~ -14 General Cargo Wharf
E14 300 -14 General Cargo Wharf
E15 250 -14 Oil/ General Cargo
E16 480 -14 General Cargo Wharf
E17 150 -9 General Cargo Wharf
N2 200 -9 General Cargo Wharf
N3 365 -16 Container Wharf
N4 330 -16 Container Wharf
N5 330 -16 Container Wharf
N6 330 -16 Container Wharf
The Water Depth of Port Territory:
1. The water depth of the fairway and the turning basin is  -15.5~-17 meters. 
2. The wharves and the water depth will be measured twice per year.
 Facilities picture
Outlying Breakwaters:
North Outlying Breakwater has been completed 5,263 meters; South Outlying Breakwater has been completed 1,050 meters, with a total of 6,313 meters being completed.
Navigational Aids Logos (WGS84):
※location of the observation pile for the monitoring plan of the drift sand survey, and the sea, weather, terrain changes of Taipei Port by Institute of Transportation: 
Northern Longitude 25°10'47.62" and Eastern Latitude 121°23'02.78"
Shore Communication:
Radiophone for Harbor Service:
1. VHF Channel 16: with 156.8 gigahertz, used for emergency calling when international  danger, urgency or safety events occur. 
2. VHF channel 68: with 156.425 gigahertz, used for harbor operational process, such as ship registration and ships and shore. 
3. VHF channel 11: with 156.550 gigahertz, used for piloting. 
4. Calling and signaling: Taipei Port Radio 

Radiophone for Harbor Duty: 
With 141.07gigahertz, used for communication between broadcasting station, pilots, towboats, transportation boats and other service crafts.
Port Duty Vessels:
1. Taipei Port has one towboat with 5000 horse power, one with 4000, one with 3200, one with 2800 and one with 1600, operated by a private company. Inbound and  outbound vessels should apply for dispatch assistance from the private towboat company, based on the "Regulations on the Dispatch of Towboat Operations in  Taipei Port." 
2. Taipei Port has 2 pilot vessel, operated by a private company.  If needed, please apply to the company in charge. 
3. Cable unwinding, water supply, collection of oily waste water, collection of galley waste and crew cabins garbage are operated by private companies, and ship refueling service is in the process of planning.
In-and-Out-of Port Service:
1. Taipei Port has launched 24-hour arrival & departure process since September, 2005.
2. Please abide by "the Regulations Governing the Ship Entry and Departure operations  in Taipei Port."
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